About Us

  • ●  Protech Enterprises was registered in February 1998 as a partnership firm. We limited ourselves to supply Scientific Equipment particularly Analytical, detecting and measuring instruments.
  • ●  Though we do not deal in common chemicals but we sell some special and hard to find chemicals, reagents and kits. Our Clients range from nuclear medicine specialists to environmental experts and university researchers but again very specific.
  • ●  We are working with some of the well known organizations across the globe in search of best products.
  • ●  Being a client oriented organization; we ensure that our client’s requirements are being met. We continue to exchange views with the clients. Therefore, we provide customized solutions on laboratory equipment & scientific instruments, of course through the courtesy of our foreign principals.
  • ●  Service including parts for different periods, mostly an year. We have capability to service several measuring and other laboratory instruments. Customer’s satisfaction is our goal to achieve.
  • ●  Scientific instruments are guaranteed free of charge service including parts for different periods, mostly an year.
  • ●  We have expertise to provide technical consultancy in scientific issues and recommend most suitable devices.


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LAMSE, Spain


FOMA BOHEMIA Ltd., Czech Republic

BrightSpec, Belgium

LabLogic Systems Ltd., UK

Featured Products

These are some of the products that we distribute.
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RAD7 Radon Detector


The RAD7 is a Sniffer that detects the 3-minute alpha decay of a radon daughter, without interference from other radiations. It also detects the instantaneous alpha decay Click to read more



The RAD7 radon monitor works most effectively when the incoming air sample has a low relative humidity. The DRYSTIK transfers moisture from the incoming air to the air being pumped out of the RAD7. Click to read more

Soil Gas Probes


When measuring radon underground, it is essential to collect samples without exposing them to the outside air. We offer two heavy-duty soil probes for this purpose: Click to read more

Biological Safety Cabinets & Enclosures


Class I and Class II biological safety cabinets are suitable for use with agents that require Biosafety Level 1, 2 or 3 containment. Click to read more

Beta-RAM 6


Radio Flow Detector for HPLC. The new Model 6 has impressive features which improve the Beta-RAM’s performance and the efficiency of the radiochromotographer... Click to read more



bSCAN is a compact and advanced instrument designed to perform Thin-Layer Radio-Chromatography (TLC) an analytical technique that allows the identification... Click to read more

Topaz Pico


Introduced May 2013, the Topaz-Pico is a compact, stand-alone digital Multi-Channel Analyzer (MCA). Its pocket-size and low power consumption makes it attractive to the portable radiation monitoring market. Click to read more

Personal Monitoring Film

Foma Bohemia

PMF is a set of two films intended for personal dosimetry of gamma radiation, x-radiation and electrons. The films is supplied in light – tight packets in size 3x4 cm (ISO format 2). The packets are to be placed into special film holders. Click to read more

ERiS2-M and ERiS2-G


The ERiS2-M is a highly versatile multisonde monitor for the measurement of ambient radiation and radioactive contamination. The ERiS2-G also has a built-in GPS. Click to read more

Freeze Dryers


Freeze dryers designed to handle the lyophilization needs of research and pilot plant laboratories. Benchtop freeze dryer or mobile console. Models available that reach as low as -105°C. Click to read more

Dry Evaporators, Concentrators & Cold Traps


Labconco dry block evaporators and vacuum concentrators provide sample preparation solutions for a variety of applications. Click to read more

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